Splice Port

Splice Port is currently available at spliceport.cbcb.umd.edu.

SplicePort is a web-based tool for splice-site analysis that allows the user to make splice-site predictions for submitted sequences. Feature selection is optimized for human splice sites, but the selected features are likely to be predictive for other mammals as well.

Unfortunately, the interactive feature browsing and visualization tool is no longer available. However, a revised SplicePort, including human readable features tables that can be edited, should be coming soon.

SplicePort is described by Dogan et al. 2007.

SplicePort was moved to CBCB, Maryland's Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, in 2013. We expect it to be stably supported indefinitely and accessible via the link spliceport.cbcb.umd.edu/. We anticipate making a stand-alone Java version available shortly. Watch this space for notifications.